Expert advice: How to start an art collection

Make choices
The first step to starting your collection is to make choices, to ensure that your works are linked together. For this, put the answers to some questions in black and white. Do you want to focus on a specific era or movement (for example, modern art, Renaissance, Pop-Art), on a specific topic (landscapes, portraits) or on different techniques (paintings, artistic installations)? Do you want to focus on accessible works of art or on the high-end market? What is the general red thread of your collection and what do you want to focus more on?

Do your research
When you understand what to focus on, start researching. Make sure you are aware of what is happening in the art world. You will need to know which artists are rising stars and how the art market is doing. We also advise you to inquire about prices, so be sure to visit your favorite galleries and art fairs to find out how much the works are sold for. The internet will also come in handy. Follow your favorite artist on social media and visit our weekly art auctions to understand what is offered.

Focus on quality
Quality is the first thing when it comes to art collections. Try to focus on works that stand out from the crowd. Even though the collection is well thought out, it will still need exceptional pieces. Do you want to try with the rising stars? Make sure you buy works from the most promising talents. Lower quality jobs will devalue your collection. Buying the best pieces for quality ensures that all the various works in your collection enhance each other. In the best collections, the general picture becomes more important than the individual works.

Personal taste matters
Following a strategy when you’re making a collection doesn’t mean you don’t take your personal taste into account. If you put a collection together following other people’s recommendations or choices, it won’t be unique. The most famous collections are those that show a certain personal style and taste. This is the only way to make your collection exceptional. For a truly personal collection – as important private collections were born – do not look for works of art that could bring you an economic return, but buy with your heart.

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