Establishing a new routine with your child

All child development experts emphasize the importance of routine. However, after a long day at work the only thing a parent wants to do is to snuggle on the couch with the children and watch cartoons until both  fall asleep.

Its a mundane routine but one which most parents are guilty of slipping into when their children are toddlers. If you are planning to send your child to Rowville childcare anytime soon, it is important that you help set up a routine with them.

When children are exposed to such a routine they want to do this every night until it is quite difficult for parents to establish a proper routine which would enable them to go to childcare early in the morning.

However, setting up a specific bedtime routine of brushing teeth, reading books, and sleeping in their own bed is beneficial in the long run.

Set a routine before sending your child to Rowville childcare

  • First of all when you decide to set up a new routine, it is important to discuss it with your child. Let them know what is going to happen. If possible, speak to them about brushing their teeth, reading books in their room and then obviously falling asleep on their own bed.
  •  Your child will try to negotiate with you in the best possible way, it is important that you follow through and are adamant about setting up this new routine as soon as possible.
  • It will be difficult to set up the new routine initially, eventually your child is going to get used to it. What you need to keep in mind is that not only their bedtime routine needs to change, there has to be an entire evening routine already planned out so that your child is fresh and active the next day.
  • It is always best to ease into the new routine and talk about how you’re going to implement it with your child before it actually takes place.
  •  Consistency is key. Children thrive on order and they love following predictable routines because it helps them feel safe and secure.
  •  You can also give your children a choice if possible that will help them to have some control over the situation. For example you can ask them to choose the bedtime story they plan to read or take their favorite toy to bed with them.
  •  Give advanced notice before transitioning into the routine. For example, you might need to say that in 5 minutes it’s time to put the toys away and come to the table for dinner.
  •  Always comment when your child follows the routine and appreciate them.

 Transitioning into the new routine might not be as smooth at first but you have to keep at it. As long as you are consistent and the child knows what to expect next you will have a successful routine in place.

By following these steps, you can definitely find childcare options in Rowville and your child will fit in perfectly.

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