Preparing your child for daycare

For any parent the first time you send your child to a daycare can be a heartbreaking experience. It is not only going to be hard for you but it is going to be difficult for you child as well. You can expect lots of tears. However you should also know that this is completely normal and eventually your child is going to be fine with their routine.

There are certain ways in which parents can ensure that their children are prepared for their time at daycare. Do keep these following tips in mind:

Tips for easing the transition into daycare

  • Once you have considered the day care you want to send your child make sure you get in touch with them. Get to know about the daily timetable and try to implement the same routine in your home.
  • You should also consider when the day care allow naps for the children so that you can take a few weeks to wean the little ones of from the morning naps.
  • If it is possible make sure that you visit the daycare more than once.  Take you toddler along with you so that they become familiar with the facility. Allow them to play with the kids and toys over there so that when it comes time to start they are familiar with the surroundings and the setup.
  • Now is also a good time to involve a child in group activities. You can choose a visit to the park and allow your children to play with other toddlers over there. It would help form the social skills and allow them to get used to having other kids their age around them.
  • You can even try to distance yourself from the child bit by bit and allow them to explore and interact with the other people in your home. You can hire a babysitter for a while every other day to ensure that your child is interacting with someone else besides you. You can even try leaving the children of with their grandparents. This allows them to become familiar with other adults and also helped them interact with people who are not just their parents.
  • You can get permission from the daycare to allow your child to come on a part-time basis initially. Once the child is used to the surroundings take a setup or schedule in integrate your child into the day care routine. You can simply start by 30 minute intervals slowly building up to an hour or more as the weeks progress. This gradual start would allow the children to not feel stressed.
  • Dropping of the child day care is the most stressful part of the day and you are going to see tears all around. However as a parent you might need to pace yourself for this so that you do not become too anxious. Your anxiety can rub of to your child too.

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